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Capacity & Capabilities

Creativity & Innovation


At Pronto we believe in unleashing creativity in order to provide our clients with products that stand out in the crowd. Innovation is at the heart of all we do, we design our own concepts, using the latest technology which sets us apart from the industry. We aim at providing our clients with solutions that are both durable and cost effective. We are equipped with the latest tools, facilities and expertise to transform ideas into reality. We truly understand that complete satisfaction is not achieved until a physical form of a perceived product is shown to the client. This is why we pay special attention to creating a first sample for our clients.


Development Workshop


Pronto has the capability of developing new and original ideas pertinent to the needs of its clients. Furthermore, the company excels in designing cost effective products that are well suited for mass production. The organization has a wide range of tools and machines that allow for the manufacturing of high quality products.


Assembly Line

Pneumatic, automatic conveyor fitted lines take assembly to a whole new level, allowing for flexibility and scalability on the fly. Pronto Promo does not believe in conventional QA. Quality parameters are built into the processes, and our products quality is achieved through process control.


  • Flexible and scalable

  • Flexible in-house assembly-lines

  • (About 250 workers and 10 different lines)



Wood Workshop


Our wood workshop is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and highly-skilled workers. It is capable of producing a diverse range of products from small counter units to full-size gondolas, head shelves and furniture. The capabilities of this workshop are benefiting our clients by providing complex wooden structures and designs that appeal to the consumer sector.


Silk Screen

Pronto is also proud of its high capacity silk screen setup, which has enabled the company to deliver high quality results coupled with massive quantities.


Complete German silk screen set-up

Unmatched processes that ensure highest quality and shortest lead times. High capacity and flexibility that allows for a large variety of jobs to be executed with minimal setup time.



Digital Printing


Equipped with the latest in digital printing, Pronto meets and exceeds the ever-changing requirements of its valued clients. Roland SP-540 digital printer allows for flexible printing capabilities that can be configured on the fly. Scalable printing that can be utilized for almost anything.


Router Cutting

In-house router and laser cutting capability that streamlines Manufacturing and  Product development. Router and laser cutting allows fast and accurate cutting of:


  • Wood

  • MDF

  • Metal sheet

  • Foamy sheet

  • EVA sheet


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