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Validation of Pronto's Policies


  • More than 24 fortune 500 companies

  • High client retention

  • Tremendous goodwill amongst clients and vendors

  • Extremely low employee attrition

  • Unilever’s SEAC approved supplier

  • UNICEF’s approved vendor

  • SGP approved supplier for The Coca Cola Company

  • Nestlé Responsible Sourcing - On SEDEX



Our Philosophy
We believe, strong work ethic and faith in its employees are the cornerstones of Pronto’s value system.Following are some of Pronto’s values and beliefs which constitute its philosophy:
  • Doing business the right way

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Conformance to laws

  • Health & safety at work place

  • Keeping the environment clean



Worker Policies


  • Minimum age requirements

  • Hourly wages with guaranteed minimum wage

  • EOBI & social security

  • Accurate calculation of overtime

  • Medical benefits and allowance

  • Food and tea coupons

  • Profit sharing for all

  • Employee shareholding through a fund

  • Provident fund

  • Lockers and showers for workers

  • Secular organization



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